Ban m Fòs

by Tibob pour Nazareth

Released 2006
Nazareth Productions
Released 2006
Nazareth Productions
Tibob De Nazareth: The 'PLATINUM" album of Haitian Gospel Music. Most songs have become the national anthems of Haiti after the Jan 12, 2010 Earthquake: GADE M LA TOUJOU, LOURE M AP LOURE
With Mega hits like KOD LA KASE, AVE W M AP PALE, GADE M LA TOUJOU, LOURE M AP LOURE, Tibob de Nazareth had distanced himself from everybody. The richness of his music, the creativity, the solid lyrics, the originality and the strong testimonies with the most powerful of soft voices in the world make this album a treasure friends opf good music and believers MUST have.

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