Kretyen Boutlèg

by Tibob pour Nazareth

Released 2010
Nazareth Productions
Released 2010
Nazareth Productions
Tibob De Nazareth: Poetic perfection espouses lyrics depth to produce spiritual power through strong musical delivery.
GOD DID IT AGAIN!!! Tibob's 4th Album was a rapid success like the previous 3. "LI KONNEN M LA", "MEN NOU", "M PA KA JWE" were overnight mega hits. Tibob de Nazareth's usual diverse music style virtually attained perfection: slow worship, zouk, compas, hot-paced praise and Tibob's own crafted rhythms. The words are as poignant as ever and the poetic level competes with the depth of the spiritual lyrics. A true Chef-d'oeuvre.

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