Sonde M

by Tibob Pour Nazareth

Released 2016
Nazareth Productions
Released 2016
Nazareth Productions
This is a somewhat small deviation from the usual spicy hot praise themes coming from Tibob. This is a 100% worship album with inspirations and melodies to truly connect the souls of the lost to the Creator.
This is brand new. All worship songs. No fast pace, no poignant messages against the enemies of the Word. This is one is for the sons and daughters of the Almighty to reunite with their Father in heaven on Earth. This reunion will not only generate a peaceful and joyful state of the soul but miracles will happen as a consequence of the full manifestation of God's presence. Miracles that were not supposed to happen. Miracles beyond their seasons. Miracles "kontretan" (counter-time).

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