Being a writer and a skillful poet has its benefits. Tibob's lyrics in his songs are works of literary art. As powerful as artistic. Explore the texts from each album below.

Comme écrivain et poète doué, Tibob jouit du privilège des mots légers et faciles. Ses textes de chansons forment un art littéraire en eux-mêmes. Explorez-les à travers chaque album ci-dessous.


Sonde M (2016) 

  Tout S'Arrangera (2016) 

  Filisten Anvayi M (2014) 

Tout Okazyon (2014) 

  Kretyen Boutlèg (2010) 

   77x7 Fwa (2007) 

  Ban M Fòs (2006) 

Istwa Damou (2004-05) 




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