Bio (English)

The Anointed

A ministry without anointment is like a soulless man. A music ministry without the hand of God manifesting his presence through the songs and even the performances is but a mere music career which doesn't advance the cause of Christ on earth. Through the thousands of people who came to Christ as a direct or indirect result of Tibob's music, through the millions who have come to serve God better, through the millions who are still finding comfort, encouragement and faith thanks to Tibob's songs, there's no doubt that God has made Tibob's music a vessel through which He accomplishes miracles. You can't listen to those songs without feeling the presence of the Lord. the "musicality" becomes an afterthought. The message takes over and the Kingdom of the God is in operation. Like one of the music critics put it, Tibob's songs are like strong sermons summarized in 5-7 minutes.